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Webfwlog is a flexible web-based firewall log analyzer and reporting tool. It supports standard system logs for linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, Irix, OS X, etc. as well as Windows XP®. Supported log file formats are netfilter, ipfilter, ipfw, ipchains and Windows XP®. Webfwlog also supports logs saved in a database using the ULOGD target of the linux netfilter project.

With Webfwlog you can design reports to use on your logged data in whatever configuration you desire. Included are example reports as a starting point. You can sort a report with a single click, "drill-down" on the reports all the way to the packet level, and save your reports for later use. You can also create a link directly to any saved report.

NEWS 2009-10-12

Webfwlog-0.94 has been released and can be downloaded below. This is mostly a maintainence release that fixes numerous but harmless PHP notice-level messages. See the Change Log and Release Notes for details.



You can download source tarballs for the latest release from this site or from Sourceforge.

You can download these packages from this site:
  Source RPM
  Binary RPM (Fedora 10)

You can download patches and weekly subversion snapshots from this site.

You can also access all downloads using anonymous ftp at ftp.webfwlog.net.

The Subversion repository for webfwlog can be checked out as shown below.
This will check out the latest sources into a directory named webfwlog:

svn co https://webfwlog.svn.sourceforge.net:/svnroot/webfwlog/webfwlog/trunk webfwlog

You may also use ViewVC to browse the sources.


Request the new features you would like to see added to webfwlog.


Webfwlog is currently available only in English. If you are interested in translating webfwlog into your preferred language please contact me.


Please report bugs to Bugzilla.